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Accounting Services

HW serves the following industry sectors: professional services including dental and physician practices, construction, manufacturing and wholesale distribution, not-for-profit organizations, real estate developers and investors and retirees. Our CPAs have an average of over 20 years of tax and accounting experience and draft over 2,000 tax returns each year.

HW provides tax preparation services to the following types of entities:

• Corporations

• Corporations

• Partnerships

• Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

HW provides the following consultation services:

• New Tax Law Considerations

• Passive Activities Planning

• Succession Planning

• Exit Strategies for Existing Businesses

• Real Estate Professional Tax Issues

• Federal & Multi-state Income Tax Planning

• Depreciation Planning

• Tax Computation

• Complex Tax Computations & Transaction Planning

Compiled & Reviewed Financial Statements

In this turbulent financial economy, banks are becoming ever vigilant with small- to mid-sized businesses. They are demanding compiled financial statements to secure lines of credit or just to maintain existing lines. At HW, we are here to take the stress out of the process.
In today’s economy, many companies are seeking alternatives to the standard banking lines of credit. They are looking to work within the new framework of support offered by Federal Stimulus Packages. HW is in a unique position to assist in the compilation and review of financial statements. We assist small businesses in preparing the complex documentation necessary to take advantage of additional funds available through the Small Business Administration.
HW Provides the following services:
• Financial Statement Compilations
• Reviewed Financial Statements
• Ratio Analysis
• Comparison of Industry Standard
• Relationships to Prior Year
• Current Year Trends
• Inventory to Cost of Goods Sold
• Short Term to Long Term Debt
• Full Color Reports

New Business Startups

Starting a new business can bring forth a multitude of challenges. Ensuring your success begins with choosing a firm that has the experience to guide you effectively in the most critical of times – the start-up phase.
At HW, we understand that choosing an entity structure that is tax efficient is critical. Implementing an accounting system that has the functionality and breadth to support your company is also very important. From inception through its exponential growth phase, we can save critical time and capital resources.
HW provides the following consultation services
• Entity Selection
• Accounting Systems Consultation
• Bookkeeping and Accounting Software Selection
• General Ledger and Chart of Accounts Set Up
• Payroll Processing System Selection
• Banking


The key to success in business is to maintain a firm understanding of the current financial position of your company. Ongoing review and analysis is critical to that success. Certified Public Accountants at HW provide thorough analysis to meet your specific oversight goals. Whether it is a financial study of Cost of Goods Sold, your current credit position, or a cost-benefit analysis by project, we at HW are here to help you find the best solution.
HW provides the following consultative analysis for small to mid-sized businesses:
• Overhead Analysis
• Credit Analysis
• Cost-Benefit Analysis
• Break-Even Analysis
• Multi-year Trend Analysis
• Profit Center Analysis
• Special Assistance on Specific Accounts
• WA State Business & Occupation Tax
• Payroll Issues
• Industry Comparison – Full Color Reports

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