What I “kneeded” to know in July!

Rick Walter, CPA
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I have been on medical leave from my blog—no, I did not break all my fingers or have a brain injury. In July, I decided that I could no longer live with the discomfort of a bad knee.

So I went in and had them give me a new knee. No problem, a week off my feet, another week of deep knee bends and I’m back on the golf course by late August.

Well, for the 90% of us that have this surgery, it doesn’t go that way. It’s late September and I should be back on the golf course (or back in school if you are a Rod Stewart fan). I am still walking with a cane, still waking up at night when I move wrong, and still not able to play golf.

Getting into work has been doable since I am sitting most of the time so the work is getting done. There was a lot of work that kneeded doing.

Since I am back at the desk on a regular basis, I thought a blog post was in order. My first thought was to tell all my readers (It might have been quicker to call) that your personal return is due October 15th and there are still over 200 of you who have not gathered up your data and brought it in.

We can get them done but kneed your assistance to get them drafted, reviewed and out the door.

Hutchinson & Walter is here to help—my ultimate goal is to represent the US in Pole Vaulting at the next Olympics but right now, I would be satisfied with a competitive game of Hop Scotch.

I’ll keep you posted on my knee and you get your information in to us as soon as possible—if we have already completed your return—then you get a gold metal in return filing!

Thanks for listening and I will talk at you again.

Author: Rick Walter, CPA

Rick Walter brings over 25 years of professional tax and accounting experience to Hutchinson & Walter. Specializing in small to mid-size business entities and start up organizations, Rick brings a deep understanding of the unique tax compliance and accounting issues specific to those entities.

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