Trick or Treat for 2015

Rick Walter, CPA
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Halloween has come and gone but it still remains one of my favorite days. It must go back to my youth. There was no real parental controls over myself or my friends where we grew up so trick or treating started at around 5pm and we went until the last houses turned off their porch light.

Getting home with that pillow cover filled with candy was like bank robbers dumping the loot onto a table. “What do we have here?” The candy bars would be separated from the main pile – larger candy bars were the best. I would toss anything homemade. Not because of any worries about tampering, just because I was so focused on the good stuff.

A client called me today and asked if they could give to charity by donating their Required Minimum Distribution from their IRA? This is one of those extenders that congress waits until the last minute and then approves.

I believe the Treats will be late as they always are, especially in an election year when all the politicians are pretty busy just trying to stay politicians. Once we get past that, the tax bill will be approved (I hope).

For those that were not aware, there were two tax bills passed during the year. They mainly moved some of the filing deadlines to make them more uniform. That was a Treat.

Thanks for listening and I will talk at you again.

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