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When I arrived in Seattle from Aberdeen, South Dakota, I had never seen a pro baseball game in my life. I came to Seattle because my brother lived here and told me what a great place it was to live.

My first time in the King Dome was a truly magical event. It was so big. The fake grass was so green. And of course, there was Ken Griffey Jr.

He was not super human. He was a man like all the other ball players. However, there was something special about him. His talent was at the top of the game and at the same time he had that boyish charm and goofiness that made you think he was just one of the guys.

I can still remember a game when my son, who was just 5 or 6 at the time, was on my shoulders and we were standing right on the edge of the center field wall. Both of us had Ken Griffey Jr. tee-shirts on and we yelled down to him. Most players are a little to full of themselves to even acknowledge a shout out from the crowd but by golly, Junior turned around and looked up at us-I’ll swear to this day he even gave us a smile.

My son and I shared years of baseball games together and Ken Griffey Jr. was the glue that kept us talking about the sport. It was not a happy day when we found out he was leaving. Of course we were a little bit older and we both had an understanding that this game was a business. We were still very sad to see him go as we wished he was going to be a Mariner his entire career.

Family members including my son and I are going to be heading to Cooperstown next week to see Griffey get inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and although our tee-shirts don’t fit anymore, we will be wearing #24 and hoping to get one more smile from the man who saved baseball in Seattle.

It’s especially good news to us that he will he entering the Hall of Fame as the first player to enter as a Mariner.

I forgot about taxes-if you haven’t filed your personal return, you have until October 15th but if you are a client, come see us earlier so we can get it done over the summer.

Thanks for listening and I will talk at you again.

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