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First, let me apologize for not posting in a while. It has been a busy year and come to find out I need to know two tax laws. The one we are under for 2017 and the newly passed law which mainly affects 2018.

Along with most Americans, I will be attempting to make, follow and eventually break many new year’s resolutions.

Losing some weight—I tackle this one each year and seem to get a good head of steam going and then the long hours of tax season wear me down. I stop taking the afternoon walks—the donuts talk to me as I walk by—client lunches that always end with “of course there’s room for dessert”.

Drink a little less—This one always sounds like a good idea. But if the donuts can talk to me, Crown Royal has a direct line!!!

Take time to see the world—I think at this point in my life, I could afford to see the world. The problem is I don’t like long plane flights or spending any time in a country where I’m not fully up-to-date on their legal system. My compromise here is that Vegas is like traveling the world—in fact I was just at Paris!!

Learn something new—I think the new tax law will cover this resolution. I’m not sure learning piano or Portuguese is a 2018 thing.

Read more books—Reading is so hit and miss for me. When I’m reading a good book, I can’t wait to get into bed and read. The problem is, I only like a few authors. I plan on expanding my list in the coming year.

Be kinder to strangers—with each passing year, this one is harder to do and more important than ever. I think we as a society have not only ignored strangers, we are afraid of them. Rotary has opened me up to seeing the good in people I don’t know. I hope that continues for me.

I know this year and upcoming tax season are a little scary. Let me help where I can. Reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

Thanks for listening and I will talk at you again.

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Rick Walter brings over 25 years of professional tax and accounting experience to Hutchinson & Walter. Specializing in small to mid-size business entities and start up organizations, Rick brings a deep understanding of the unique tax compliance and accounting issues specific to those entities.

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