Things to Think About As Year End Nears.

Took a few months off from blogging to catch my breath. We had a very busy tax season both in April and in October but the rush is over.

Many changes have occurred since the 2018 tax year. There is no more penalty for not having health care coverage. This coverage of course is encouraged and there is still … Read more

Never been this tired after a tax season.

It was a long and busy tax season this year. I’m sure after each tax season I say the same thing but something was different this year.

Probably the fact that our clients and ourselves were learning and adjusting to a new tax law. One that not only changed how the tax was computed but how the forms looked.… Read more

It’s the Journey and not the Destination

The HW staff have attended many classes—read dozens of articles—sat thru numerous webinars—and we are ready for the 2018 tax return filing season!!

Many clients have already met with us or sent in their data and some returns have even been completed now that the IRS is back up and running.

This will be my 32nd tax season with … Read more

Who will itemize in 2018

I‘m pretty sure I will not be itemizing in 2018. As a married filer (A very happily married filer) my standard deduction will be $24,000—that is double the amount allowed in 2017.

What about mortgage interest—that can be way more than $24,000 all by itself? This is true. However, the IRS will be reviewing how you accumulated your debt … Read more

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery!

My youngest daughter Katie (she goes by Kate) is graduating from the UW with her masters in tax and will be following in my footsteps as a tax accountant!

She already has a job at Moss Adams so dad won’t be hiring her. However, I have no doubt she would be one of the smartest accountants I know. She … Read more

Turning 60 in 2018—how time flies!!

The big Six O—how did that happen. I can still remember like it was yesterday eating my graham cracker, drinking my milk and then taking a nap on the mat in Kindergarten. Well, maybe not like it was yesterday.

At least I’m not alone in this milestone. Many of my past girlfriends are turning sixty: Madonna, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sharon … Read more