At The Eleventh Hour.

Rick Walter, CPA
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Iwas never sure who coined the phase “at the eleventh hour”. I assumed it meant “very little time left”.

As it turns out, that is what the term means. But today (Veteran’s Day) – it has specific meaning. World War One ended on the 11th day of the 11th month on the 11th hour. I’m a veteran and I’m very proud that I served my country. However, veteran’s who put their lives on the line in trenches far away served their country in ways most of us will never know.

So when I woke up this morning, I had a variety of clothing choices. It is a holiday so I could put on something very casual (yes, that includes flip flops). Since the Seahawks play tonight, I could wrap myself in my Wilson jersey & a ball cap. On top of that, the Sounders won the CUP and I’m sure there are going to scarves and hats supporting them today.

After reviewing my options, I decided to put on my blue dress pants, my red golf shirt, my American flag socks and a Rotary pin with the Rotary Wheel and the American flag.

With all the choices, this seemed the most appropriate for me. I love this country — I so appreciate the veterans who served and are serving — and I am a huge fan of Rotary.

In the future, when I tell a client who wants to get their return done and there is not much time left to file, that they have come to me in the 11th hour, I’ll know there is more than one meaning to that phrase.

Take care this holiday season and give some thought to those who will not be with their loved ones due to service in the military.

Since I am also your accountant, anyone looking for some year end tax planning should reach out to us soon so we have time to plan.

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Rick Walter brings over 25 years of professional tax and accounting experience to Hutchinson & Walter. Specializing in small to mid-size business entities and start up organizations, Rick brings a deep understanding of the unique tax compliance and accounting issues specific to those entities.

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