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Rick Walter, CPA
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Most companies, and even individuals think of December as the last month in the year. For accountants, it really is October when the year winds down. This is when no matter how well your intentions are, the return is due and should be filed.

My staff takes well earned time off and attends classes for tax updates that are never approved until the last minute. Then they have to take classes to tell them what tax laws were kept and which ones were not (never has this been more the case than in 2012).

As for my partner and I; it is a time to evaluate staff needs, infrastructure, and of course take time off. Marc will take his family on their trip to the Philippines to visit all the relatives. I will spend as much time in Vegas as my beautiful wife (and wallet) will allow.


Since we are at a point when things have slowed down, this would be a perfect time for you to come see us with questions or concerns over 2012. As “cash basis” taxpayers, there is very little we can do to assist you after December 31st that will make an impact on your 2012 tax return other than in the retirement arena.


Also, this is a good time come visit your accountant. I’m sure many of you are not aware that November is “Take your CPA to lunch month” -what!! Do you think I just made that up?


Well if it’s not an officially sanctioned event on a calendar, it should be.


I’m going to my networking meeting on Wednesday (Halloween) dressed up as a calculator – it was either that or as Donald Trump, but since my hair hasn’t come back from the cleaners, I will opt for the 10-key.Besides, I don’t want to scare anyone.


Hope you all have a great and safe Halloween!


Thanks for listening and I will talk at you again.

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Rick Walter brings over 25 years of professional tax and accounting experience to Hutchinson & Walter. Specializing in small to mid-size business entities and start up organizations, Rick brings a deep understanding of the unique tax compliance and accounting issues specific to those entities.

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