Always In A Better Mood After a Vegas Trip

Rick Walter, CPA
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As has been my habit over the last six years, I took a few days off to watch the Super Bowl down in Vegas. This trip was the compromise my beautiful wife and I came up with after 20 years of me opening up over 25 storage containers of Super Bowl decorations.

We are not just talking balloons and steamers; we had blimps, 8-feet tall, lit-up football players, goal posts in the middle of the street, the front yard was spay painted the emblem of the current Super Bowl. It literally took a week to put up and a weekend to take down – and of course a lawn mowing.

The switch from a home party to a Vegas party was a good one since I come back refreshed and ready to dole out great tax advice and prepare complicated tax returns.

With all the new changes this year, returns are being held up at the IRS. There are forms they are not ready to accept yet. This will cause a small bottleneck at our office so please be patient with us. If you haven’t come in to meet with me in a long time, please think about stopping by. I want to have a chance of recognizing you if we bump into each other at the store. Visitation hours are from 9 to 5, six days a week. Just remember the month of April is come at your own risk!

I have had many of you ask why the engagement letter you sign has gotten to be 3 or 4 pages. This is a requirement of our insurance company and we try to stay out of trouble with them. If you have any concerns about what it says, let us know and we can go over it.

Have you seen the new HOT Topics on our website. Click on there and get some really great information. When enough clients ask us about a certain topic, we compose an article to assist.

That’s it for this blog – it is Sunday and I am going home. I think my family will still recognize me!!

Thanks for listening and I will talk at you again.

Author: Rick Walter, CPA

Rick Walter brings over 25 years of professional tax and accounting experience to Hutchinson & Walter. Specializing in small to mid-size business entities and start up organizations, Rick brings a deep understanding of the unique tax compliance and accounting issues specific to those entities.

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