A Road Trip with My Daughters

Rick Walter, CPA
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As many of you know, I am a gambling type of person and this causes me to be in Vegas on numerous occasions. So when my daughter asked me to fly down to the WSU -UNLV football game, I was more than happy to oblige her.

Most of the trip was me drinking and gambling and her drinking and hanging out by the pool. However, on the times we spent together, I started noticing that older couples gave us the evil eye and dealers were confused with we used words like darling or sweetie. It did not take long to discover that many people thought we were a couple – or that my daughter was a “real’ working girl. For the rest of the trip, we started using the words “dad” and “daughter” a lot.

Many of the people I ran into in Vegas were kind of surprised that my daughter would want to spend time with her dad (mainly parents of 22 year olds). I feel very lucky that my daughters are willing to put up with my teasing and being silly.

Another interesting part of the trip was that when people asked me what I did for a living, I was bombarded with tax questions. Now I know why most doctors don’t like to tell people they are doctors “…I have this pain in my side and…” As always, I try to give them some kind of answer that could help.

The question is, have I helped them? Getting tax advice from a guy you are gambling with – someone who does not know other areas of your tax life – who may not be sure of all the state laws that will affect you – and more importantly, someone who wants you to stop asking them questions – these are not the qualifications of some one you should be seeking tax advice from.

When seeking help, from either your doctor or your accountant, talk to the one you know and trust!

Thanks for listening and I will talk at you again.

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