Let me look into my crystal ball….

Please come in and sit down. The all powerful Ricardo the Magnificent will tell you your future. May I have your first question please?

All Mighty Ricardo, will the tax laws be different in 2018? I see compromise after compromise and no real change for the better in the years to come. This information comes less from my crystal … Read more

Tax laws—Tax laws, where art thou tax laws??

Is this the craziest first year of a new president that you have ever seen? I am amazed each time I listen to the radio or watch the news.

I keep thinking at some point congress and the president will focus on important issues that can help this country but instead it is all “Russia this and Russia that—Obama … Read more

Mariner baseball and changes to the tax laws!

As tax season fades and the baseball season is a third in the books, we start to invest in both.

We as sure that the Mariners are going to finish last since they started out losing most of their first 10 games. Then, we are more optimistic when they get back to playing 500 baseball.

Doesn’t take long until … Read more