We are on the move and making some changes!

As many of you are aware, we are planning to move our offices to a new location in late December/early January. The new address will be 1407—116th Avenue NE Suite 222 Bellevue, WA 98004.

However, I’m not sure how many of you knew we are going to make a name change at the same time. Starting in December, the … Read more

“The best things about October!”

October is a great month. Ripe with exciting holidays such as Columbus Day and United Nations Day. Did I forget Halloween?

Halloween is such a fun event. Who doesn’t have childhood memories of going house to house with your pillow case and coming back with enough candy to last until Xmas.

The ups and downs of this celebration are … Read more

“The only thing that is constant is Change”

I’ve always liked this Quote. It is from Heraclitus the Philosopher. Change is indeed coming our way.

Right after the October tax season ends this year, we will be readying our office for a move to a new location. We are a little cramped at our current office (which we have been in for ten years).

Our new home … Read more

Trying to Get a Handle on Identity Theft

Did you know that the IRS issued over $5.2 Billion in fraudulent refunds last year? I’ve heard that the profit from Identity Theft has exceeded the profits from the drug trade. No wonder criminals are retooling their operations towards a crime that does not need a gun or a fast boat or plane has flexible hours and the only … Read more

Politics and tax law—every four years.

Over the 30 plus years I’ve been involved with accounting and taxes, we have had an overhaul of the tax laws just about as often as we have had a new president.

We understand this—each candidate has their own special plan for raising or lowering taxes and once in office, they work to implement those life changing rules for … Read more