When There is a Will – There is a Way!

Recently, my beautiful wife and I decided that we should dust off our wills and meet with an attorney to go over revisions and updates.

This was a good idea since we had many provisions for the care of our kids who are now old enough to care for themselves (and us as we get older).

Many of my clients … Read more

CPAs need CPA-Precheck Clients!

On my recent trip to a conference in Vegas, I was surprised to find that my boarding pass indicated that I was TSA-PreCk. That is when you don’t have to take off your shoes and jacket – get to go in your own special line – and move very efficiently through the whole security event.

However , on the way … Read more

Stay Away from New Year’s Resolutions!

Like most good Americans in January, I have been trying to eat less – work out more – and start gathering info for my personal taxes.

So here is an update after a little over two weeks: The other night, I had my beautiful wife buy me Pralines and Cream Ice Cream for dessert. Now that might seem like a … Read more