A New Year’s Wish – For All Four of My Readers!

Happy New Year to all of you – I was trying to think of an adjective to describe 2013 and all I can think of is “fast.” The year just flew by.

From a tax perspective, the adjective would have to be “complicated.” Although the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) was passed a couple of years ago, the major provisions … Read more

Why Have We Abandoned Thanksgiving?

You’re asking yourself… “what does this have to do with taxes?”

After watching Saturday Night Live (SNL) last week, I was reminded of how quickly we move from Halloween to Christmas and just bypass Thanksgiving. You take down the scary spiders and the pumpkins and you put up the lights and the tree. It’s true, I know of many friends … Read more

When are tax returns really due?

That is a very good question. I know; I’m complementing myself. The answer is actually very complicated.

If we are talking about individual tax returns, most people would say “April 15th” and they would be right. However…

You can file for an extension, and then most people would say “October 15th.” And they would be right. However…

Always In A Better Mood After a Vegas Trip

As has been my habit over the last six years, I took a few days off to watch the Super Bowl down in Vegas. This trip was the compromise my beautiful wife and I came up with after 20 years of me opening up over 25 storage containers of Super Bowl decorations.

We are not just talking balloons and steamers; … Read more

Fiscal Cliff – What the hell just happened??

WOW – that is my educated comment on what just happened. A budget that for some reason just can’t be balanced; hard decisions on spending cuts that just can’t be made; – and a national debt that just can’t be reduced.

Looking on the bright side, (as a good tax accountant should) we have an AMT patch so that the … Read more