April 15th is only the beginning…

For most of my clients, there are three words that upset them; Audit, Fee-Increase, and Extension. I know one of them is hyphenated – just go with me on this.

Audits are out of my control for the most part. You do a good job submitting the data, we do a good job interpreting and presenting the data, and hopefully … Read more

The Weather and Tax Prep Fees…

Yesterday was the most bizarre weather day I have ever encountered in my 53+ years on this planet, and I have lived on both coasts, Arkansas, and South Dakota. It was calm and cloudy in the early morning and then during my first meeting, it snowed – the kind of flakes that are the size of Frisbees.

Later that day … Read more

If you look out your left window….

As you are probably aware, everyone is after money. The government is raising taxes, the counties are cutting services, my kids never bring me back the change. One of the best ways for Uncle Sam to increase revenue – besides raising taxes – is to audit taxpayers. I know it is hard to believe that there are people out there … Read more